My Volunteer Experience – English Teaching In Rural Area

I have had many volunteer experiences in my home country, one of them is being an English teacher in Rural area where I have learnt a lot about the different life and culture in my owncountry.

As an English teacher in rural area, my task is to help people in areas such as pronunciation and general conversation. Standing up in front of class for the first time, for me, seemed like a frightning experience, particularly as most of the volunteers who have no previous teaching experience. But acknowledgee thoe people need my help, I tried my best to help them in improving communication skill that very necessary for today’s new economy.

In addition to helping people in rural area learning English, I also visited the poor famify, listen to their story and help the small pupils do their home work. The most interesting aspect of the job was watching residents interact with their family members and friends. There is nothing that comes close to the joy on residents’ faces when their family is by their side. These are also the times when we had dinners together. Along with the other volunteers, who were as young as age 13 to as old as age 21, I served foods to the tables, listened to more stories, and helped clean up before and after.

The experience taught me to appreciate a generation that might be removed from my own in years, but has much to give back in experience and knowledge, and learn more about the different culture in my own cultry and found out that their were a lot of peple who need help.


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