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R&B – my passion



Music is the other passion in my life. I have been a huge fan of all types of music for as long as I can remember, though I have not been blessed with any musical talents myself. I plan on making a career out of the music industry, as an artist manager and owner of my own record label. My tastes in music are eclectic ranging from pop to rock, classical to rap, R&B to country.

Piano – My passion

I started playing the piano when I was in elementary school, so it’s been close to 15 years now. My concentration is obviously in piano and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Even I am not a talented pianoer and don’t have much time to play it, I enjoy listening and practicing Piano whenever I have free time. It’s my release from my emotions.

My body moves and sways to the music because i can feel the music in me. There are just some of those composers that can just transport me outside of my body when i play their music. Chopin. Tchaikovsky. Liszt. They’re absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t trade my piano playing time for anything in the world. It’s my passion in life and will always be my first hobby.